Biocene has been in operation in Australia since 1994 with an original product focus of infectious diseases serology. This has expanded to include rapid point of care fertility/infertility tests and forensic investigations.

Our core business objectives are to provide a high level of personalised service to customers with reliable and fully documented products and to establish and maintain a co-operative relationship with suppliers.

We have long-established relationships with Medac Diagnostics and Seratec Diagnostics.


Medac Diagnostics

Chlamydia Serology
  • Medac Chlamydia rELISA IgG – 485TMB, 480TMB, 490TMB (PDF)
  • Medac Chlamydia rELISA IgA
  • Medac Chlamydia rELISA IgM

Medac rELISA is a Chlamydia genus specific range utilising a unique recombinant anti LPS fragment to provide responses specific to all Chlamydia species documented to provide rapid detection of Chlamydia respiratory infection.

Other Serology
  • Medac CMV IgG, IgM and IgA ELISA – CMV Folder (PDF)

Seratec Diagnostics

Fertility / Infertility Investigations
  • Seratec LH Max Ovulation Tests – Seratec LH Max Ovulation Tests (PDF)

Seratec LH Max Ovulation Test is a rapid test for the determination of human Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine. It offers a simple procedure that is designed to be used by women monitoring their ovulation cycles in the convenience of their own homes

Forensic Investigations
  • Seratec PSA Semiquant Forensic (PDF)
  • Seratec HemDirect Haemoglobin Test (PDF)


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